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Katarzyna Myśliwiec M.D. dentist

Katarzyna Myśliwiec My professional career began after I had graduated from The Medical Academy in Gdańsk in 1993.

Now, I am a dentist with a 1st degree specialization and a lot of experience. Due to the ongoing, fast developments in medicine, radiology and dental materials I have participated in many trainings and courses so that I can apply the latest achievements in my dental practice.

Raising my qualifications and the satisfaction from the ability to do my job professionally is the source of energy and strength in my work. The visible effects and the satisfaction of my patients is the ultimate reward for my efforts. My surgery is already being visited by the second generation of my patients. It gives me great pleasure to see my patients bring their children and their friends. Also, there is an increasing number of patients from the EU, which is also a source of satisfaction for me.

I warmly invite You to take a closer look at my website. I believe You will also join the group of my satisfied patients.

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Dentist’s Surgery

A surgery for you

Gabinet Gabinet

Welcome to my surgery at 32 Batalionów Chłopskich Street in Koszalin. You will have no difficulty finding it as its premises are conveniently placed in the centre of the town.

The surgery has been equipped with the best cutting edge dental technologies. We have created the surgery in cooperation with leading European producers of medical equipment so that we can provide comprehensive dental care.

For your comfort and convenience the surgery is air conditioned, properly muffled and the subtle colouring and lighting create pleasant atmosphere.

In my surgery we will make a joint optimum decision as to what treatment to choose so that your teeth stay healthy as long as it is possible. A tooth extraction is the final resort in the treatment and not a basic procedure. When there are teeth missing, proper treatment and suitable dentures will help you regain lost functions and comfort.

Dental care services provided in the surgery: prophylaxis, treatment, teeth whitening, surgical procedures, dentures. The surgery cooperates with the top of the range implant surgery and orthodontics specialists.

Child friendly dentist’s surgery

Gabinet przyjazny dzieciom Specialists from all over the world see the need to treat not only children’s permanent teeth but also their primary teeth. Being in full support of that view I have been treating children who are the most demanding patients for years.

Initially , pathological changes look like milky white stains so it is really vital it is the dentist who confirms caries. If you have any doubts about the condition of your baby’s dentition please contact the dentist in the surgery. Do not postpone the appointment until pathological changes become painful.

You can request an adaptative appointment if you wish your child to have a chance to get to know the doctor and get used to the ‘cosmic’ surgery equipment.

Children will not always behave the way we would wish them to. Do not lie to your child about the nature of the appointment. It would be rather helpful to think beforehand about how to make the young patient cooperate with the doctor. Tell your child what the dentist will expect him to do and why.

Remember, if your child visits the dentist surgery when the tooth is already painful, i can give my word – they will never come to the surgery voluntarily!


News from the surgery


Spacious bathroom

Suited for the need of the disabled and the elderly.



For your comfort and convenience you can make the appointment by phone or in person so that you won’t have to queue in the waiting room.

Fotel dentystyczny

Dental chair

To make it comfortable for you the dental chair is fully equipped with cutting edge technological inventions. It enables the dentist to use comprehensive dental diagnostics and treatment. What’s interesting even the water which is automatically dispensed has the stable temperature of 24C to avoid the discomfort when rinsing the mouth.

Diagnostyka rentgenowska

X-ray diagnostics and camera

X-ray diagnostics indispensable for dental treatment is available on the premises in the surgery. The visualization of the oral cavity enables the dentist to discuss the course of treatment.

Diagnostyka rentgenowska


Diagnostyka rentgenowska

Children’s corner


Examples of the procedures offered in the surgery

adult patient consultation 70 zł
child patient consultation 70 zł
tooth X-Ray 20 zł
anesthesia 20 zł
Calculus removal with fluoride varnish application 180 zł
Sand blasting with fluoride varnish application 250 zł
Fissure sealant of one tooth 60 zł
Fissure sealant of more than one tooth 50 zł/ 1 tooth
Impregnation of decidous teeth 100 zł
Teeth whitening with an individual impression 800 zł
diastema closing 200 zł
decidous tooth treatment 120 zł
decidous tooth extraction 120 zł
application of fluoride varnish 100 zł
longlasting Glassionomer filling150 zł
mono-surface filling with light-cure material 150 zł
two-surfaces filling with light-cure material 200 zł
three-surfaces filling with light-cure material 250 zł
over three-surfaces filling with light-cure material 400 zł
Fiber-strengthened filling 500 zł
Laboratory prepered filling (inlay, onlay, overlay) 600 zł
gingival pocket rinsing with medicine application 100 zł
teeth splinting 400 zł
relaxation splint 350 zł
canal healing-insert/ tooth devitalization 150 zł
RCT of single canal tooth 250 zł
RCT of two canal tooth 400 zł
RCT of three canal tooth 500 zł
RCT of four canal tooth 500 zł
reendodontics individual valuation
komposite veneer 350 zł
full-ceramic veneer 1.500 zł
tooth frmework reconstrution before the crown cementation 150 zł
incisor/canine/ premolar tooth reconstruction with fiber-post usage 400 zł
molar tooth reconstruction with fiber-post usage 450 zł
individual metal post and core 250 zł
ceramic fused on metal crown 800 zł
ceramic fused on zirconium crown 1.500 zł
bridge ( 1 point) 700 zł
settle partial dendure (1-4 teeth loss) 450 zł
settle partial dendure (more than 5 teeth loss) 700 zł
metal skeleton partial denture 1.500 zł
non-clamp parial denture individual valuation
total denture 800 zł
telescopic crown 1.500 zł
acrylic denture based on telescopic crowns (witout crown cost) 1.500 zł
denture repair 120 zł
denture relaining 200 zł
adhesive bridge supported on fiberglass 200 zł (fiber) + 200zł( each tooth)
Introduced prices have informative character and doesn't state as an commercial offer in Art.66 par.1 of Polish Civilian Law
Wybielanie i biżuteria

Whitening and jewellery

Brightening the teeth by 2-3 degrees by means of onlay method and separate splints. Teeth whitening considerably improves the esthetics. However, treatment of all diseased teeth must be carried out beforehand.

Approximate cost: 800 PLN



Endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) is always a better solution than tooth extraction and having it replaced with an implant, bridge or removable denture.

Approximate cost: from 150 PLN

Licówki ceramiczne

Ceramic veneer

A crown partially covering the tooth labial or buccal part. It is possible to make changes to the length and shape of the tooth. When using this method the palatal part of the tooth is preserved, which is a major advantage since only a small part of the tooth is removed.

Approximate cost: (one tooth) 1500 PLN



Inlays and onlays which fill in considerable loss of tooth crown. They are made from ceramics and imitate the shape and colour of a natural tooth.

Approximate cost: from 1200 PLN

Korony i mosty

Crowns and bridges

Require filing the tooth or group of teeth. Made of full ceramics on a zirconium or metal base. Crowns are advised when either the crown of the tooth is considerably damaged or when esthetic corrections of the shape and place of the tooth are required. Bridges are used to restore the missing dentition.

Approximate cost of one crown: from 600PLN to 1500PLN



Endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) is always a better solution than tooth extraction and having it replaced with an implant, bridge or removable denture.

Approximate cost: from 150 PLN



Premature teeth loss due to paradontosis can be prevented by means of scaling and sanding. These two vital hygienic procedures are also professionally carried out in the surgery.

Approximate cost: scaling: 130 PLN, sanding 200 PLN

Dental plaque which is deposited on teeth, quickly changes into dental tartar which leads to gum disease and complications.

Approximate cost: from 100 PLN

Diagnostyka rentgenowska

Esthetic dentistry

Professional lighting allows for the optimum colour matching of the fillings and the tooth reconstruction with all its details.

Efekty mojej pracy



zReplacement of acrylic bridges with porcelain ones



Cosmetic correction of gaps between teeth by means of porcelain crowns



Ceramic veneer



Restoration of missing dentition using porcelain bridges



Porcelain bridge restoring missing dentition



Porcelain crowns on teeth



A lock for dentures/denture using a lock



Reconstruction on inlay





The surgery is located at 32 Batalionów Chłopskich in Koszalin. There is a film below showing the access to the surgery from the roundabout in Młyńska Street and a map with a route to the surgery.

Route on the map

Access on the film

Gabinet stomatologiczny lek. stom. Katarzyna Myśliwiec
ul. Batalionów Chłopskich 32
75-302 Koszalin


Contact me

Opening hours:

Monday 13:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 13:00
Wednesday 13:00 - 18:00
Thursday 08:00 - 13:00
Friday 08:00 - 12:00


Surgery telephone number (available during the opening hours):

+48 94 342 62 56

Mobile telephone number:

+48 604 068 121

(available off the opening hours)

E-mail: gabinet@dentystakoszalin.pl